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Jaime Hyland

Jaime Hyland

Born in Dublin back in 1965, Jaime Hyland, who originally trained in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, is now a linguist (English, Spanish and German) and developer with many years of experience in software and web localization. He has worked extensively in the German Mittelstand (small and medium-sized enterprise) as a provider of both translation and localization solutions for professional websites using many different formats and technologies. He has also produced a number of internationalization solutions using a wide variety of platforms and methodologies. He is a passionate advocate of quality in localization and translation. He has been based in Berlin since 2002, but lived for many years in Northern Spain before that, as well as in his native Ireland.

Our goal

Firm friends and colleagues of many years, we have often found ourselves nodding in agreement on the varied quality of website localization used by many European SMEs. Taking a closer look, we identified a number of problems – ranging from a lack of polish on some localized sites to sheer incomprehensibility. Since it was clear the owners of such sites had almost without exception put an enormous amount of effort and thought into the graphic design, functionality and original text of their products and websites, we guessed that many SMEs are not fully familiar with the technical and quality issues that often come up in professional IT localization. Subsequent market research confirmed this hunch, inspiring us to create Language Landscapes in order to spread the word about the need for more professional localization of Europe's SME web sites.

We're confident that together we provide the unique combination of technical savvy, linguistic ability, market awareness and commitment to quality that you need to make your website speak the language your customers understand.

If you have any questions on our background, business philosophy, skills or about the tools and processes that we use, please get in touch by phone or e-mail. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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