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Language Landscapes

Translation is more than just translation.

Sometimes a translation task is a stand-alone activity, but in most business situations it fits within a larger workflow serving a larger purpose. What's expected of a translation will be different depending on the client's goals. That's why the first thing we do before we start a translation job is ask you, the client, what you need.

A translator working on a promotional flyer for a bathroom showroom, for example, is going to have different priorities to one busy with a technical specification aimed at specialist engineers, a set of users' instructions for a lawn mower or an on-line journalist's blog. We believe it's essential to take these issues fully into account to produce the quality of translation that suits the target audience.

Involving the customer

Our translation team communicates directly with you, using the mode of communication that suits you best. We combine your skills with ours to achieve the best possible quality for your final translation.

Getting the words right

Our use of terminology management technology ensures that specialized terminology is used correctly, consistently and as specified by the customer.

Leveraging your existing translations

Translations we have already completed for you are recorded in our translation memory system, allowing them to be recalled, thus ensuring consistency and saving you costs. Just send us the file that you have modified, and we'll translate only your changes. We can even include previous translations you have done using other translators, using CAT alignment tools to record them in our translation memory system.


Even the most talented authors need an editor. The same is true of our talented translators. While the main person responsible for our translations is the named translator, we believe that even the best quality work will profit from a person to proof the translated text and discuss improvements with the translator and, where necessary, with the original author. The translator runs the process, but isn't alone. It's a team effort, embedded within a well-defined collaborative workflow, in which everyone (including you the client) has a well-defined role.

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