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Our approach to quality

High quality is integral to all Language Landscapes business processes. We strive to ensure that everything we do for you is tailored to your objectives.

As our services are grouped around three core areas, internationalization support, localization and translation, we have identified the most important quality dimensions in each of these areas, and have designed our quality control functions separately for each service area.

Quality dimensions in internationalization support

  • Appropriateness – The support we provide should match precisely what you need and be delivered using appropriate media, in the right language(s) and by the right people.
  • Clarity – The information we provide should be clear and concise.
  • Structuredness – Each piece of information should fit into a logical structure.
  • Learnability – The information should be geared towards training the client (you).
  • Expertise – We concentrate on what we know, and continuously develop our expertise.
  • Dynamic – We monitor and respond to developments, listen to our clients and learn from our mistakes.

Quality dimensions in localization

  • Completeness – The localized software user interface or website should not show any text in any other language than the one set. No text or image resources should be missing in the selected target language.
  • Relevance – All content in the target language should be relevant to the target audience.
  • Formatting – All the localized resources should fit comfortably and tidily into the space available for them in the target language version of the website or software user interface.
  • Translation quality – The translations in the localization should conform to the five dimensions of quality in translation.
  • Cultural fit – The localized software user interface or website should not contain any content that makes it inappropriate for any of its target locales. Equally, it should contain all content required in the target locale (due to local regulations or cultural expectations).

Quality dimensions in translation

  • Accuracy – The text should express the meaning of the original accurately.
  • Correctness – The grammar, spelling and punctuation of the text should be correct.
  • Consistency – The terminology, punctuation and style used should be consistent.
  • Elegance – The content should be expressed suitably, fluently and elegantly.
  • Effectiveness – The effect of the text on its target reader should be as close as possible to that intended by the writer of the original.

Our translators

Your first assurance of quality is provided by our very careful selection of the right translators for your project. We only work with translators who have completed demanding test translations in the relevant specializations and who can prove long experience in their specialization as well as appropriate qualifications. We match the topic of your translation to the specializations of our approved translators. All our translators are required to be familiar with the CAT technology that we work with. Between projects we maintain close contact with our translators, continuously giving and receiving feedback to help us improve our processes, support materials and resources and to help them develop their skills.

Our workflows are explicitly defined to ensure perfect results on all five dimensions of quality in translation. All our translators are instructed to take each of these quality dimensions into account when doing their work, and the work they deliver is assessed on the basis of these five parameters.


All translations of marketing materials (including website texts) go through at least two rounds of post-editing. The first round is centred on the accuracy and consistency of the text and the second concentrates on making the text shine in terms of elegance and effectiveness. Both rounds of post-editing include a final run to ensure that the spelling and grammar of the finished text are correct. This process is far more than a simple MS-Word grammar and spell check! We take the same care in selecting our post-editors as we do with our translators.

Translators and post-editors are also encouraged to ask questions about the translation they are working on. We discuss with our clients how they prefer to be contacted in case of queries, and include your instructions in our briefings to our translators. We provide a structured form in which to write and reply to questions, but can use any other means you might prefer. Skilled use of the right software ensures that corrected translations stay corrected.


The entire translation process is supported by a toolbox of state-of-the-art CAT tools, which we use to help ensure quality, especially in terms of consistency of terminology and style and of correct spelling and grammar. They also help ensure that the formatting of the source text is preserved in the finished translation. The CAT tools we use support almost all standard text, DTP and web formats currently in professional use.

The acid test in translation

This text was written originally in English. If the German version seems a little unnatural, containing little tics that give away that it wasn't originally written by a completely fluent and competent German speaker, or if the text seems to use inconsistent vocabulary or is a little difficult to understand, then we haven't done our job as well as we'd like. Our aim is to free your text of any traces of the linguistic culture of the source language that may distract from your consistent, customer-oriented branding message.

Quality in delivery

Everyone involved in projects at Language Landscapes follows a strict project management workflow, which ensures efficient completion of the project goals according to the timetable agreed with the customer. It also ensures that any unavoidable delay is flagged well in advance so that all project stakeholders are informed promptly. This gives our customers the best possible guarantee that their projects are delivered on time and to the promised quality.

After handover

We also actively encourage feedback from our clients to ensure that any errors that may slip through our stringent quality control processes are corrected quickly and that they're not repeated.

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