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Language Landscapes

A partner that expects and appreciates the highest standards

As a professional freelancer in the localization industry, you're probably always on the look-out for professional service providers who care about the quality they deliver to their final clients, who understand the web internationalization process and who value high-quality work delivered on time and to spec.

We're always on the look-out for talented freelancers specializing in the following disciplines:

  • Translators
  • Localization specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Editors
  • Reviewers
  • Web/software developers specialized in internationalization

If you have the talent and experience to provide the very highest standards and know how much those high standards mean in the final analysis, then we're interested in you. We believe in developing a long-term relationship with the freelance people who consistently deliver the best quality, and are prepared to remunerate those talents at a fair price.

A partner that helps you develop your skills

We consider ourselves much more than a translation agency – a business model that has often in the past fulfilled little more than the role of a brokerage service to put clients in contact with what they hope might be the right translators. We're proud to be able to provide for our clients' every need in the localization process. Once you become a partner, you'll form part of a skilled and highly motivated team, where your work fits into a comprehensive workflow that both allows you to concentrate on what you're best at and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and face new challenges.

We are committed to sharing our insights with our partners, passing on relevant information and providing feedback on their work. We also expect to learn from them. Thirdly, we believe in sharing the benefits of the knowledge, technologies and experience fairly between our clients, our translators and ourselves. That's why we are committed to providing support for talented freelancers in our network to become familiar with our localization processes and the technology we use.

A partner that keeps its promises

We pride ourselves on making sure that your work is paid for as agreed and on time. We share the benefits of the technology we use fairly between our clients, our partners and ourselves. Unlike many translation agencies, we have the self-confidence to encourage direct, structured communication between our clients and partners. This direct communication saves time and headache to everyone involved.

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If you're a professional localization or internationalization specialist, please indicate your skills (for translators, text editors and reviewers, the locale pairs to and from which you work and the CAT tools you have installed) as well as a (shortish) list of specialist disciplines you prefer to work in.

Translators should also include details on your experience, qualifications and/or translation philosophy in the field marked "Message".

All enquiries should include a short curriculum vitae, profile or résumé, either cut and pasted into the "Message" field or (preferably) attached as a document. Please only include details that are relevant to your talents in translation and/or localization.

We try to respond to all enquiries by potential partners as soon as possible, but please be patient if you do not receive a reply immediately.

Thank you very much for your interest in Language Landscapes.

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