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Language Landscapes
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Language Landscapes

Language Landscapes

James Hyland
Kuckhoffstr 108D
13156 Berlin

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Data Protection Declaration

Recording and use of data

Your data will be used (made subject ot storage, modification, transfer, blocking, deletion or used in any other way) under the terms of the applicable provisions of German telemedia law relating to data protection and of German law on data protection.

Personal details will be used exclusively to facilitate the provision of services required by our clients (for use in preparing and delivering translation or localization tasks, quotations, comparisons with previously recorded data, etc.), for drawing up contracts and for ongoing improvements to our online range of services. The term "personal details" should be understood as referring to information on the identity of a particular person. When filling in our contact form, you will be asked to indicate the following personal details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • e-mail address

Use and transmission of personal data

Your personal details will be used by us and by associated businesses and their affiliates only in accordance with this data protection declaration and/or with other regulations that demand at least an equivalent standard of protection. We will only release personal details to other third parties under conditions set out below.

We record and save all data that you have entered on our website forms or otherwise transmitted to us. These data will be used for legitimate business processes only (drawing up quotations, creating invoices, etc.). Where contact is made via our form or by e-mail, your e-mail address will be saved automatically, though it will of course be deleted immediately upon request.

Amongst other resources, we may use publicly accessible (business) directories for sending promotional mailings. Your data will be saved by us in order to allow us to make initial contact and will be passed onto the German post office (or other providers of postal deliveries) exclusively for the purpose of sending our mailings to you.

During completion of translation, localization and other tasks we will pass your details on to third parties (translators) only if entirely unavoidable – for instance, where the document to be translated contains your address data – or with your previous agreement.

In all the cases detailed above, we and our service suppliers commit to treat your personal details in complete confidentiality. We will delete any or all of your data from our databases immediately upon request.

We do not pass on your personal details onto any other business or organisation, unless required to do so by law – for example if we are required to submit them by an order from a public institution or court. Before any transmission of your personal details is made to third parties in countries outside the European Economic Area, it is first ensured that the transmission is made in accordance with the terms of this Data Protection Declaration and the data protection laws in force in Germany at that time.

Personal data protection

We protect your data to the best of our abilities from unauthorised access and from accidental publication by taking a number of technical and organisational measures. However, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accidental publication of your data due to errors during data transmission or to unauthorised access.

Information on data stored

As a user of our online presence, you always have the right to demand information on the personal data stored by us relating to you. For security reasons please accompany any such request with a certified copy of your currently valid personal ID card, if you have one, otherwise please provide a certified copy of your passport with proof of address. In order to protect our clients, we send information on the personal data that we have saved by post only, and only to the address figuring on the relevant personal ID card. In addition to your right to information, you also have a separate right at any time to demand that all personal data relating to you be deleted.


In order to ensure smooth operation and to improve the quality of our online presence, we may deploy a set of tools known as "cookies". Cookies are small text files stored either temporarily in your computer's working memory or permanently on your local drive. They are not capale either of running programs on your computer or causing viruses, worms or similar malware to be copied onto your computer's memory.

To take full advantage of our internet presence you will need to set your browser to accept the temporary session cookies. These cookies will be destroyed automatically when you shut down your browser. Session cookies on our website are used to transfer data from one page on our site to another. This done to allow certain functions, such as queries sent from our contact form, to work properly. If your internet browser is set to reject session cookies then these function cannot be used to the full. Permanent cookies contain an anonymous visitor ID and are stored on your hard drive for a set period of time. We do not use any permanent cookies.

Logging data on site visits

In order to be able to detect errors or abuse of our website, the site produces log files detailing the access data of visitor. This data includes the following:

  • Data, time and time zone of visit
  • Domain name or IP address of the client computer
  • The query sent by the internet browser and the response code of the server
  • If you reach this site via a link from another internet site, we also save the name and address of that site.

No personal user data from these log files is combined with or compared against the personal details of any users or any other data sources. Neither is it possible to assign any data saved in such log files to any particular individual without further processing.

If a concrete suspicion should arise that a user may be using our online presence in an illegal manner or contrary to any contractual obligations, we may analyse our server log files in order to identify the IP address their last-known IP address. In cases of abuse or attack on our website on the services provided by it we reserve the right to report such matters to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Changes to these Data Protection conditions

We reserve the right to adjust or amend this data protection declaration within the terms of date protection law as and when necessary. For any given visit to our website the version of this data protection declaration available online at the time of the visit will apply. Clients and suppliers who have supplied their e-mail address to us for any business purpose will be informed at the latest by four weeks before any change in the data protection conditions come into force. Any such amendments or adjustments to this Data Protection Declaration shall be considered accepted if no objection to them has been made within four weeks after receipt of this e-mail.

If you still have questions or ideas on the subject of how we might protect your data on our online presence, please send us an e-mail to or simply give us a call.

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