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Review of existing localized sites

There's always room for improvement. Maybe you suspect that the English translation of your site lacks a certain polish. It could be that one or two menu items are mysteriously being shown in the original language. Maybe you've noticed that some key technical terms have been translated inconsistently. Perhaps you've had some negative customer feedback on your localized web content.

We have a systematic approach to reviewing your existing web localization. We first discuss with you the goals you have and the strategy you have used for localizing your site and we look at your site (whether already on-line or still in test) on the basis of you priorities, marking it according to each of the following criteria:

  • Translation quality on each of the five translation quality dimensions
  • Localization quality on each of the five localization quality dimensions

We then send you a report listing our results and providing a range of recommendations for you to consider in the light of your priorities and the resources available to you.

Free introductory offer

As a free introductory offer, we can provide you with a free review of the English language version of your website according to the quality dimensions we have defined for localization and translation.

This offer depends on the availability of reviewers to undertake the task, and is only available until September 30 2014, so if you would like to take advantage of this offer, please send us an e-mail with a link to your website and an account of your priorities and aims as soon as possible.

We know that it's in our interest to deal with such quality issues directly, with diplomacy, integrity and professionalism. Our evaluation will be based on objective criteria, according to the quality dimensions that we use in our own localization and translation work. It is also the result of a team vision ‐ not an individual opinion.

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