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Software localization

The processes involved in localizing a classical software product have a lot in common with those you need to follow to translate a website. While the classic workflows can be very similar, software localization can involve significant extra steps.

The tasks that we can handle for you in localizing your software include the following:

  • Choosing localization tools
  • Designing, testing and adjusting the localization workflow
  • Integrating localization source and target data into the metadata in your development environment
  • Leveraging legacy translations
  • Test running the workflow
  • Defining the translation workflow
  • Creating, assigning and scheduling translation packages
  • Choosing, training and scheduling the right people for each localization task
  • Translating
  • Reviewing, post-editing and optimizing localized texts and images
  • Making format changes in software where necessary
  • Troubleshooting and tweaking the localization workflow
  • Integrating your localization workflow into your development cycle and change management system, with or without automation

Once you have completed localization of the software itself, you'll usually need to produce localized documentation to go with the localized software package. Whatever workflow and technology you may rely on to create this documentation (from simple MS Word or HTML-based processes to sophisticated single-source solutions), we can create the right solution to resolve your document localization problems:

  • Leveraging translations from the software translation process (for consistency and cost savings)
  • Localizing screenshots and images
  • Adapting sample data for the target locale
  • Localizing internal and external links
  • Adapting documentation to conform with local legal requirements
  • Ensuring maximum reuse of already localized texts

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