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When you're happy with your company's slogan, the name of a new product or with a short poetic Christmas message to your clients, the last thing you're going to want to do is send it for translation. Why? Because you are well aware that such texts are practically never translatable. Language Landscapes' skilled marketing copywriters are the people you need to do such work – once we have discussed the purpose of the message and the target audience with you, of course.

It is extremely important to get this sort of thing right. Direct translations of such texts usually fail to bring across the intended marketing message, often producing nothing but incomprehension and sometimes causing unintended hilarity. All the effort put into a very carefully designed and localized website can count for nothing if the central branding message is ruined by bad localization.

With Language Landscapes you can be sure of getting it right in English.

Polishing existing translations

Perhaps you have had some feedback on texts that the content in a particular language on your existing site is not up to scratch. Or perhaps you are disappointed by the response to a new launch into a new market, and suspect that ineffective communication might be the cause of the lack of enthusiasm. Our talented copywriters and editors can check and correct the errors and infelicities in your existing web presence in English. Our goal is to make the text on your site to look and sound like it was all written by a proficient, clear-speaking native with top-level skills in the relevant subject.

We work efficiently and systematically, using a well-defined workflow to ensure that your final text is accurate, consistent, fluent, elegant and clear.

Adapting texts to audiences

You have spent blood, sweat and tears putting together your website, polishing its content so that it matches exactly what you want to say to your customers in your first business language. Now that you're expanding into new target markets, you want to leverage all your effort and resources you've used to the maximum. That's why you're not going to leave localization for that target market to chance. We can advise you on how best to address your audience, taking a look at your site and pointing out anything that may be unsuitable for your target audience or anything that you might need to add.


The talents of our translators, copywriters and editors are essential to our success. But ours talent on their own aren't enough! We need to work within a structure that helps us get the most out of our existing talents, and provides us with the tools to develop our skills. Everything we do is a collaborative effort, because we're aware of the need to learn from each other and to help each other achieve the best possible results. That's why even the smallest job we do is embedded into a well-defined collaborative workflow, in which everyone (including our client) has a well-defined role.

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