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Terminology management – keep it clear

We provide you with the equipment and knowledge you need to put together an effective terminology management system that suits your needs. The benefits of managing your terminology include the following:

  • More consistent information and more clarity
  • Reduced cost and improved quality in authoring and localization
  • Better, faster knowledge transfer

Getting the design right

We can help you identify the following to make sure your term management system is designed to match your needs:

  • What expressions to include and which of them to treat as key terms in your source language
  • How to structure your terminology data (e.g. how to deal with abbreviations, synonyms)
  • Adhering to international standards
  • Identifying preferred, permitted and prohibited vocabulary in the source language
  • Setting out rules on editing your terminology database: do's and don'ts
  • What tools to use (perhaps all you'll need will be a well-structured MS Excel file, or maybe you'd profit from installing a specialized web-based terminology management system)
  • Leveraging existing translations to find and record commonly used terms and their translations

Getting the most out of terminology management

We'll then help you to integrate your terminology management system, so that you can make the very most of it in your business processes, showing you how to integrate your terminology management into authoring, localization and translation systems to achieve the best possible quality and the maximum savings in terms of time and effort with the minimum disruption to existing workflows.

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